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You too can own a beautiful set of Italian ceramics pottery made by Bizzirri.

Courtesy of Horchow

Good news, Bizzirri lovers. (owned by Neiman Marcus) is selling the pattern above, a pattern they have called “Chopin.” Looks suspiciously like a Bizzirri product to  me.

The Bizzirri Distince Style


More Bizzirri Italian pottery choices in the Bizzirri distince style.

As you can see from my pattern above, the distinctive Bizzirri irregular, rustic shape to the plates and the bowls. I use the bowls for both soup and pasta. I did not order the blue polka dot charger, that was just a bridge too far for my husband. I wanted a style and color like no other dishes I have in my cupboards, so we chose this pattern.

As of now, the “Chopin” dishes are on sale for 30% off Horchow’s retail price. Four salad plates are discounted from $38.00 to $26.20. Four dinner plates drop from $42.00 to $29.40. Four soup bowls drop from $40 to $28.00. According to the site, the sale lasts until March 21st. If you miss this sale, keep checking and sales go on and off on this site.

It’s a beautiful pattern and the prices are great! The dishes can be put into both the microwave and dishwasher. I put my Bizzirri dishes into both appliances.

If you get a chance to visit central Italy anytime soon, specifically Cerbara in northern Umbria near the Tuscan border and my town of Sansepolcro, visit the Bizzirri showroom. If you like Italian ceramics, beautiful patterns and luscious colors, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store. Better. Who needs candy anymore when you can spend your money on this stuff? Members of the Bizzirri family will patiently allow you to browse the showroom and work with you to pick shapes and colors that please you. Shipping prices are not hateful and the dishes arrive in a few months.

Barring a trip to Cerbara, you can own a beautiful set of Bizzirri dishes by ordering from Horchow. Be sure to see other Bizzirri patterns on two other previous posts of mine here and here. Buon appetito!





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