Ravioli with Walnuts and Rosemary


You will love this ravioli with walnuts dish.

The sauce for this pasta recipe, ravioli with walnuts and rosemary, is so simple to make that you can quickly throw together the sauce in the time it takes for the pasta to cook. The dish is easy, easy, easy and takes no time to make!



Peperonata is easy to make and a very versatile dish.

There’s no better or easier way to enjoy colorful sweet peppers than by preparing a dish of peperonata. Braised with tomatoes and onions, this classic Italian dish can be assembled in about 30 minutes, soup to nuts…so to speak.

Sausage and Peas Pasta Sauce

Pasta with sausage and peas is delicious.

This sausage and peas pasta sauce is rounded out by just a little cream and the wonderful addition of chopped, fresh sage.

Tomato Gorgonzola Sauce


Tomato gorgonzola sauce works very well mixed with tortellini.

Tomato gorgonzola sauce is so simple to make and yet…it delivers layers of flavor and packs a tangy punch.

Harrod’s Food Halls a Must See


Don't forget to visit the Food Halls of Harrod's!

The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum…why waste your time visiting old stuff when you can visit the food halls of Harrod’s!