Harrod’s Food Halls a Must See


Don't forget to visit the Food Halls of Harrod's!

The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum…why waste your time visiting old stuff when you can visit the food halls of Harrod’s!

Tiramis├╣ Made Simple


Tiramisu is easy to make at home and easy to dazzle your guests.

You don’t have to eat out to enjoy a slice of luscious Tiramisù. You can make this easy-to-prepare dish at home and your guests will be dazzled!

Bizzirri Lovers Rejoice

Bizzirri has added some new tableware patterns.

I returned to the Bizzirri showroom recently in Cerbara, Italy. It’s just down the road from our place in Sansepolcro. I couldn’t wait to see the store’s latest offerings. So take a look at these new photos.

Pork Marsala


Pork marsala can be enjoyed with a nice red wine and crusty Italian bread.

Create a tasty Pork Marsala dish using tenderloin medallions, mushrooms, cream and Marsala. It takes just minutes and tastes great.


Bagna Cauda Made Simple (It Just Is)

Serve bagna cauda with different cut vegetables and some bread.

Try bagna cauda, which literally means “hot bath”. No, not for you but for the crunchy vegetables you’re going to dip into it. Just four great ingredients, olive oil, butter, garlic and anchovies, meld to form this delectable dish.