Bagna Cauda Made Simple (It Just Is)

Serve bagna cauda with different cut vegetables and some bread.

Try bagna cauda, which literally means “hot bath”. No, not for you but for the crunchy vegetables you’re going to dip into it. Just four great ingredients, olive oil, butter, garlic and anchovies, meld to form this delectable dish.

Cassata alla Siciliana


Cassata siciliana is a special Sicilian cake dessert that melts in your mouth.

Try this easy cassata alla siciliana, a luscious dessert native to Sicily, using the most user-friendly recipe you will ever find!

Jhumpa Lahiri Writes “In Other Words”

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Buon giorno, Jhumpa, come sta?  Io, sto bene.  Acclaimed Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Jhumpa Lahiri has just published her first non-fiction book. Written in Italian, In Other Words (Le Altre Parole), describes her decades-long love affair with the Italian language and chronicles her quest to master it.

Minestrone Milanese


Minestrone Milanese is a hearty cold-weather vegetable soup from the North, a great Italian recipe.

It’s been said that you can tell where you are in Italy by tasting the ingredients of bowl of a minestrone, Italy’s storied vegetable soup. This particular recipe, Minestrone Milanese, comes from the north because it contains rice. Most other regions of Italy add pasta to the soup.

Frittata di Fontina



Fontina frittata can be made for any meal of the day.

A great-tasting slice of frittata is a healthy, tasty, meal-in-itself that can serve as breakfast, lunch or dinner.