Olio Nuovo Available Now

Fresh press olive oil is a very desirable oil in that it's the first press of the harvesting season.

E arrivato! Every year there’s much anticipation in Italy about the autumn’s first pressed olive oil, olio nuovo. And it’s not too late to buy some!

Ice Cream Panettone


Ice cream panettone is a wonderful way to ramp up this Italian dessert.

Use ice cream to enhance your panettone, the Italian sweet bread brought out for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Rice Pudding Venetian-Style


You will love this easy-to-make rice pudding Venetian-style. It can be put together quickly and tastes great.

Make a rich and tasty rice pudding, Venetian-style, using creamy Italian arborio rice flavored with raisins, nutmeg, cinnamon and orange zest.

Al Dente



My family is not happy on days when I’m a pasta-making fool.  Pray that it doesn’t rain.



The Perfect Negroni

The perfect Negroni cocktail is great during the holidays.

Italians are not big spirits drinkers. So it is a little surprising that one of the most elegant cocktails in the world, the lovely Negroni, made its debut in Italy. Not as well-known as the Martini, the Old Fashioned or the Manhattan, a Negroni is just as sophisticated. Any bartender worth his or her salt knows how to make a good one.